The archive

The Archivio Gianni Colombo stems from our desire to introduce the works and art conception of Gianni Colombo, one of the main artists operating in Milan during the 60’s and an internationally renowned leading artist of the “Programmed Art” movement.

Its intent is to act as a continuity link between the artist and his public, encouraging cultural activities aimed at enhancing artistic inheritance, creating a detailed catalogue and certifying all works, promoting personal and collective exhibitions and liaising with the main auction houses and international collectors all over the world.

By visiting our website you’ll find information about the artist’s life and works, the description of all our activities, the dates of the exhibitions and detailed instructions on how to proceed with the authentication of the artworks in your possession in addition to the possibility of publishing your own dissertation.

You can also subscribe to our newsletter and receive constant updates on events organised by the Archive, cultural activities and news in our general catalogue.


President: Giorgio Pizzagalli
Honorary President: Luciano Pizzagalli

Head Scientific Committee:
Marco Scotini  – Download CV

Scientific Committee:
Stefano Boccalini – Download CV
Roberto Casiraghi – Download CV

Management and external relations: Corinna De Vecchi
Archiving, library and organizational secretariat: Gianluca Bolzani
Technical expert, installations and photography: Matteo Zarbo

Conservation and restoration: Centro di restauro Ida Ravenna e Paola Zanolini
piazza Sant’Erasmo 7, 20121 Milano, Telefono: 02 6599684